57Kaiser, County Center, SRJC Shuttle

Last Updated: 3:30PM December 5, 2018

Sonoma County Transit will introduce revised schedules on the routes listed below on Sunday, December 9, 2018. The revisions reflect changes necessary to improve on-time performance, driver scheduling and to better coordinate with school bell times.

Routes 10/12/14– The current Route 10 trips at 10:50am and 1:00pm, and the current Route 12/14 trips at 11:45am and 1:55pm have been moved back  10 minutes to accommodate bell times at Lawrence Jones Middle School.

Route 24– Minor routing and schedule adjustments have been made to improve on-time performance and accommodate Sonoma County Transit’s first all-electric bus that will operate on Route 24, beginning Monday, December 10.

Route 30– The current Route 30 westbound trip at 2:35pm has been moved forward 10 minutes to reduce congestion at the Santa Rosa Transit Mall.

Route 55– The current route has been modified to provide bi-directional service to Sonoma County Airport from both the Windsor Depot and the SMART Airport Blvd. station.  Route 60 passengers, traveling to the Airport or the Airport Blvd. SMART station, from north county should transfer to Route 55 at the Windsor Depot.

Route 57– The current 7:35am trip has been moved back 1 minute for driver scheduling purposes.

Route 60– The current 6:25am northbound express trip has been moved forward 5 minutes to better accommodate northbound Route 44 transfers at the Santa Rosa Transit Mall.

Route 62– The current 7:10am northbound trip has been moved back 10 minutes to extend running time and improve schedule adherence.

Route 66– Changes to the morning schedule have been made to accommodate students traveling to Windsor High School.

Revised schedules will be posted on sctransit.com and be available on all buses on Thursday, December 6.

The next schedule update will be in March 2019.

For trip planning assistance, please contact Sonoma County Transit information at 800-345-7433 or visit sctransit.com.