Changes to Schedules effective July 10, 2017

July 6, 2017


Below is a summary of changes, by route, that will occur beginning Monday, July 10.  Many changes to existing routes have been made to facilitate transfers to SMART at stations in Petaluma, Cotati, Rohnert Park and at Airport Blvd.  In addition, four new “SMART Connector” routes are being introduced to provide transfers to SMART from West County (Route 52), East County (Route 53), South County (Route 54), North County (Route 56).

Two “SMART Shuttle” routes are also being introduced that provide shuttles from SMART trains serving the Airport Blvd. Station (Route 55) and the North Santa Rosa (Guerneville Road) station (Route 57).

On Saturday, July 8, Weekend Coastal Route 29 begins its Summer 2017 run.  Route 29 will operate on weekends through September 3rd.

Summary of July 10 Changes

New schedules will be available on Sonoma County Transit buses, Friday, July 7.

New schedules:

Route 20

Routes 22, 26, and 46

Route 30

Route 40

Route 42

Route 44 and 48

Route 62

Thank you for riding Sonoma County Transit.