The “River Shuttle” is now “Fare-Free!”

March 17, 2019

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors have approved funding to subsidize fares for all riders on Route 28, the “River Shuttle,” through June 30, 2020. When riding the local route serving the communities of Guerneville, Monte Rio and Occidental, passengers will no longer need to worry about having the correct change, having a transit pass or paying a fare at all!   The “Fare-Free” program is designed to make using local transit services easier and to encourage hop-on, hop-off, travel without the need to pay a fare.

Sonoma County Transit introduced its “Fare-Free” program in June on Route 24, the “Sebastopol Shuttle,” and was quickly followed by Route 66, the “Windsor Shuttle.” and Route 67, the “Healdsburg Shuttle.”  In addition to approval on Route 28, the Board of Supervisors have also approved funding to subsidize a  “Fare-Free” program on Route 32, the “Sonoma Shuttle.”   The Sonoma Shuttle “Fare-Free” program is also subsidized by the city of Sonoma.

Fare subsidies for the “Fare-Free” program come from the respective cities in which the “Fare-Free” routes operate. In the case of unincorporated communities such as Sonoma Valley and the Russian River communities, the “Fare-Free” routes serving these areas are subsidized by the County of Sonoma.