Revised Schedules Effective August 14th

August 3, 2022

Schedules on several routes will be revised effective August 14th. Most of the changes address school bell times and coordination between routes. Below is a summary of the changes:

10, 12, 14 – School tripper buses have been added back into the schedule and are coordinated with school bell times at Lawrence Jones Middle School and Rancho Cotate High School.

20 – The current westbound trip at 5:40pm has been revised to depart the Coddingtown Mall at 5:25pm.  The current eastbound trip at 7:00pm has been revised to depart Monte Rio at 6:55pm.

26 – This route operates on school days, per Credo High School’s schedule.  The morning southbound trip now begins at River Road and Mirabel road.

32 – Route will no longer provide serve inside the Market Place shopping center parking lot.  See revised route map for details.

42 – Change to Amarosa Academy’s bell schedule resulted in changes to several morning and afternoon trips. 

44 & 48 – The current 6:15am northbound Route 48 trip has been revised to depart the Petaluma Transit Mall at 6:07am.

60 – New southbound trips have been added, departing Cloverdale City hall at 6:10am and 6:45pm.  A new weekday northbound trip has been added that leaves the Santa Rosa Transit Mall at 5:15pm.

66 – Several morning trips have been revised to accommodate the school commute to Windsor High School.

New schedules are available at and on-board all buses.