What’s operating Saturday, Aug 15?

August 14, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sonoma County Transit’s weekend service has been revised as noted below:

Saturday service will temporarily operate on local routes 28 & 68, per their Weekday schedule.

All other Saturday/Weekend services will operate as normal.

Until further notice, fares are not being collected.  All passenger boardings will occur only at the rear door of buses, if equipped.

Public transit services continue to operate during the COVID-19 crisis to serve essential travel only.  Essential travel is restricted to trips for necessary supplies, access to healthcare or to provide aid to family or friends.  If you’re not making an essential trip, please do not ride and respect shelter in place requirements.  Do not ride if you’re sick with a fever or a cough.

All passengers are be required to wear a face covering in order to comply with Sonoma County Public Health Order C19-07.

To protect the health and safety of other riders, drivers may inquire about the purpose of your travel.