Bikes and buses go great together. It’s easy and convenient to load your bike onto one of our front-loading racks and there’s no additional fare. So whether you’re on your way to work, school, or shopping, bring your bike on the bus and get there in style.

Bikes on Buses–Loading your Bike

All Sonoma County Transit buses are equipped with racks that can fit either two or three bikes. Riders are responsible for loading and unloading their bicycles. After your bus pulls up, first make eye contact with the driver, then proceed to load your bike from the front of the bus.  

If you need instruction on how to safely use the bike rack, please ask your driver.

  1. Squeeze and hold the release handle located on top of the bike rack, then lower the rack.
  2. Load your bike into one of the bike slots.
  3. Extend the wheel lock over the front tire.
  4. Before boarding the bus, remove all loose items from your bike
  5. Don’t forget your bike! When you get off, tell the driver you’re taking your bike off the rack.

Sonoma County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (SCBPAC)

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