Discount Fare Categories

To qualify for any of the reduced-fare categories described below, you must show the appropriate identification. If you do not have the valid identification, you will be charged the full Regular/Adult fare.


Passengers between 5 & 18 years of age.

Valid ID:  Proof of age.


Half Fare. Passengers 65 years and over.

Valid ID:  Any proof of age, Medicare Card, DMV ID card/license, or a Regional Transit Connection Discount Card (RTCDC).


Half Fare.

Valid ID:  RTCDC, current documentation for a DMV placard, or valid Medicare Card.

Medicare Card Holders

Half Fare.

Valid ID:  Valid Medicare Card.


Passengers under 5 ride free when accompanied by an adult.

U.S. Veterans

U.S. Veterans ride free on Sonoma County Transit.

Valid ID:  Veterans Administration (VA) identification card, Sonoma County Veterans identification card or a California Driver’s License with Veterans designation.

The Sonoma County Veterans Services Center (707-565-5960) can assist eligible Veterans in obtaining an identification card.

College Students

College students ride free on Sonoma County Transit.

Valid ID:  The Subsidized Fare Program for College Students requires that students have a college issued identification card indicating that they are currently enrolled as a student at a Sonoma County college. This can include the Santa Rosa Junior College (Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses), Sonoma State University, Empire College and other institutions in which a campus is located in Sonoma County.