Discount Fare Categories

To qualify for any of the reduced-fare categories described below, you must show the appropriate identification. If you do not have the valid identification, you will be charged the full Regular/Adult fare.


Anyone 18 years or younger.

Valid ID:
Proof of age.

Senior Citizen

Half Fare. Persons 65 years or older (on Sonoma County Transit only).

Valid ID:
Any proof of age, Medicare Card, DMV ID card/license, or a Regional Transit Connection Discount Card (RTCDC).

People with Disabilities

Half Fare.

Valid ID:
RTCDC, current documentation for a DMV placard, or valid Medicare Card.

Medicare Card Holders

Half Fare.

Valid ID:

Valid Medicare Card.


Children Under 5 Years Old ride free when accompanied by an adult.

U.S. Veterans

U.S. Veterans ride free on Sonoma County Transit!

Valid ID:
Veterans Administration (VA) identification card, Sonoma County Veterans identification card or a California Driver’s License with Veterans designation.

The Sonoma County Veterans Services Center (707-565-5960) can assist eligible Veterans in obtaining an identification card.

College Students

College students ride free on Sonoma County Transit!

Valid ID:
The Subsidized Fare Program for College Students requires that students have a college issued identification card indicating that they are currently enrolled as a student at a Sonoma County college. This can include the Santa Rosa Junior College (Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses), Sonoma State University, University of San Francisco (Santa Rosa campus), Empire College, Bauman College and other institutions in which a campus is located in Sonoma County.