SCT Services in Sonoma / Sonoma Valley

Local Service Route 32
Sonoma County Paratransit Service

The city of Sonoma, with a population of 11,050 is located approximately 20 miles east of Santa Rosa via Highway 12.

Local Service

Sonoma County Transit provides local service in Sonoma and Sonoma Valley via Route 32. Route 32, the Sonoma Shuttle, operates Monday thru Saturday between the hours of 7:30am and 4:09pm. Route 32 has a north and south segment extending to Agua Caliente Road/Highway 12 to the north and the community of Temelec to the south. All Sonoma Shuttle trips serve the Plaza in downtown Sonoma.

The Sonoma Shuttle provides convenient school commute service to Sonoma Valley High School from north Sonoma Valley.

The Sonoma Shuttle is free for all riders under Sonoma County Transit’s “Fare-Free” program. The Sonoma Shuttle’s “Fare-Free” program is subsidized by the City of Sonoma and the County of Sonoma.

Intercity Service

In addition to local service, Sonoma County Transit’s Route 30 provides intercity service that connects Sonoma/Sonoma Valley with Oakmont and downtown Santa Rosa where transfers to other Sonoma County Transit routes, local Santa Rosa CityBus services and regional services provided by Golden Gate Transit can be made. Route 30 operates on a daily schedule.

Complementing Route 30, the Route 34 provides weekday, commute period service between downtown Santa Rosa and the Sonoma Plaza.

For passengers traveling from Sonoma to Petaluma, Route 40 provides weekday service between the Sonoma Plaza and the Petaluma Transit Mall (Copeland Street and Washington Street.).  In addition to Sonoma County Transit, the Petaluma Transit Mall is served by Petaluma Transit and Golden Gate Transit and is adjacent to the Petaluma SMART station.

Fares on routes 30, 34 & 40 are zone-based and vary between $1.50 & $3.00 for adults and $0.75 to $1.50 for seniors. Through June 2025, all Youth ride free.

ADA Paratransit Service

Sonoma County Paratransit provides paratransit services, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, during the same hours and days as Sonoma County Transit’s fixed-route service. Local and intercity paratransit services are provided in Sonoma and Sonoma Valley.

For more information on ADA paratransit services and Sonoma County Paratransit, contact Sonoma County Transit’s ADA paratransit coordinator at 707-585-7516.

Fare Options

In addition to cash fares, Sonoma County Transit provides several transit pass options, including the regional “Clipper” card.