SCT Routes Serving Sonoma State University

Sonoma State University is located east of Rohnert Park and served by Sonoma County Transit local Route 10, intercity routes 26, 44 & 46 and SMART Connector Route 52. All routes serve SSU at the bus stop near the flag-pole at SSU’s entrance at East Cotati Avenue and Sequoia Way.

Local Route 10 provides service to the SSU campus Monday through Saturday. In combination with local routes 10 & 12, Route 10 links the SSU campus to most areas within the cities of Rohnert Park and Cotati.

Intercity Route 26 and SMART Connector Route 52 operate on weekdays between downtown Sebastopol and SSU via Highway 116 and East Cotati Avenue. Both routes provide a connection between SSU and the Cotati SMART station located on East Cotati Avenue at Santero Way. Route 52’s schedule is specifically designed to facilitate transfers to and from SMART at the Cotati station.

One of Sonoma County Transit’s mainline routes, intercity Route 44 operates daily between the Coddingtown Shopping Center in Santa Rosa, SSU and the Petaluma Transit Mall in downtown Petaluma. Route 44 serves Mendocino Avenue, downtown Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa Avenue, Redwood Drive (Rohnert Park), downtown Rohnert Park, East Cotati Avenue, the Cotati SMART station, SSU, Petaluma Hill Road (south of SSU), Penngrove, Sonoma Mountain Parkway, the Petaluma SMART station and the Petaluma Transit Mall.

Intercity Route 46 provides weekday commute period service between the Santa Rosa Transit Mall (downtown Santa Rosa), SSU and the Cotati SMART station. For passengers traveling on weekdays during the morning and afternoon commute periods (between the Santa Rosa Transit Mall and SSU), Route 46 is a quicker alternative to Route 44. Route 46 also serves the Cotati SMART station as an alternative to routes 26 and 52.

Fares on Sonoma County Transit are zone-based and vary between $1.50 & $3.00 for adults, $1.25 to $2.75 youth and $0.75 to $1.50 for seniors.

College Students with a valid student identification can use Sonoma County Transit at no charge and with no trip limitations. The Sonoma County Transit College Student Subsidized Fare Program is financially supported by the County of Sonoma, Sonoma State University and the Santa Rosa Junior College.