1214Northern Rohnert Park

Last Updated: 3:00PM June 17, 2021

Service update for Friday, June 18:

Local routes 10, 12, 14 & 24 are operating on their Weekday schedules.

Local routes 28, 32, 66, 67 & 68 are operating on their Monday thru Saturday schedules.

Routes 20, 30 & 60 are operating on their Daily schedules.

Routes 34, 40, 42, 44, 48 & 62 are operating on their Weekday schedules.

Passengers using local transit services to travel to any COVID-19 vaccination center in Sonoma County can ride free by showing your driver any form of documentation that indicates the day and location of your appointment. This offer is good on Sonoma County Transit, Santa Rosa CityBus, Petaluma Transit and their respective paratransit services.

For a limited time, Santa Rosa CityBus is offering a shuttle between the Santa Rosa Transit Mall and the County Fairgrounds, where vaccinations are offered at the Grace Pavilion. The CityBus Shuttle operates Monday thru Friday and provides an easy connection for passengers traveling into the Santa Rosa Transit Mall from various locations in the County.

All passengers are required to wear a face mask in order to comply with federal law and Sonoma County Public Health Order C19-07.

For trip planning assistance, please contact us at 800-345-7433.