North County Connector

Last Updated: 3:00PM April 17, 2021

Service Update for Sunday, April 18:

Routes 20, 30 & 60 will operate on their Daily schedules. 

Routes 44 & 48 will operate on their Weekend schedules.

All passengers are required to wear a face mask in order to comply with federal law and Sonoma County Public Health Order C19-07. 

Last Updated: 5:57PM February 9, 2021

If you’re using local transit services to travel to a COVID-19 vaccination center in Sonoma County, ride free by showing your driver any form of documentation that indicates the day and location of your appointment. This offer is good on Sonoma County Transit, Santa Rosa CityBus, Petaluma Transit and their respective paratransit services.

For a limited time, Santa Rosa CityBus is offering a shuttle between the Santa Rosa Transit Mall and the County Fairgrounds, where vaccinations are offered at the Grace Pavilion. The CityBus Shuttle operates Monday thru Friday and provides an easy connection for passengers traveling into the Santa Rosa Transit Mall from various locations in the County.  For more on the CityBus Shuttle visit:

For a list of vaccination center locations in Sonoma County, please visit:

For trip planning assistance, contact Sonoma County Transit at 800-345-7433.

Last Updated: 2:18PM February 8, 2021

For qualifying passengers, the new Clipper START program provides a 20% discount on Sonoma County Transit passes purchased through the Clipper network.  Similar discounts are available on Santa Rosa CityBus, Petaluma Transit, Golden Gate Transit and SMART.  To learn more about Clipper START, visit

The Clipper card is the convenient multi-operator transit pass that automatically calculates your correct fare and applies eligible discounts when traveling on multiple Bay Area transit systems.

Sonoma County Transit offers its 31-DayPass on Clipper. The Clipper card also serves as a stored value card that benefits passengers who use multiple transit systems on an occasional basis.

Last Updated: 4:37PM February 7, 2021

In addition to purchasing the 31-DayPass and the 20-Ride FastPass, single ride tickets can also be purchased and stored on your smartphone through the Hopthru app (available at the App Store or Google Play.)  By using the Hopthru app, you’ll no longer need to pay your single ride Sonoma County Transit or Paratransit fare with cash.  If you have questions about Hopthru or need trip planning assistance, call us at 800-345-7433

Last Updated: 6:15AM April 20, 2020

On April, 13, 2020, the Sonoma County Health Officer issued Order C19-07 (effective Friday, April 17), that states that persons shall wear facial coverings in the following situations:

Before they enter any indoor facility besides their residence. Examples: grocery stores, laundromats/drycleaners, work facilities, post office, etc.

In any enclosed open space. Examples: outdoor work sites, construction sites, taxis/rideshares, or buses.

When outdoors if the person is unable to maintain a six-foot distance from another person at all times. Examples: Farmer’s market, pumping gas, drive thru/delivery/carry out/curbside pickup, etc.

All Sonoma County Transit and Sonoma County Paratransit passengers will be required to wear a face covering in order to comply with Health Officer Order C19-07.  As provided by the Order, a governmental entity, business owner, or operator may, to the extent authorized by law, refuse admission or service to any customer or visitor who fails to wear facial coverings. Compliance is necessary to protect the health and safety of drivers and passengers.

“Facial coverings” means any fabric or cloth that covers the mouth and nose. The facial covering can be made using household items (including scarves, bandanas, t-shirts, sweatshirts, towels, turtlenecks, or other fabric), can be sewn by hand, or factory-made.  Facial coverings should not be placed on children under age 2 or on anyone who has trouble breathing or is otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.