62Santa Rosa, County Airport

Last Updated: 12:00PM November 30, 2022

Sonoma County Transit will revise some of its schedules on December 11. Below is a list of changes, by route(s):

Routes 10, 12, 14 – Running time on the Route 12 trip departing at 4:10pm has been revised.

Route 40 – An eastbound Route 40 trip will now depart Petaluma Transit Mall at 4:25pm. Currently, it departs at 4:20pm.

Route 42 – The first northbound trip has been revised to arrive at the Santa Rosa Transit Mall at 7:50am to allow for better transferability to Santa Rosa CityBus.

Route 44/48 Weekday – Several trips have been revised to eliminate two buses serving Graton Resort at the same time.

The 7:15am Route 44 northbound trip will now detour off Petaluma Hill Road at Valley House Drive to serve Credo High School via a new stop on Bodway Parkway.  Credo High School students traveling from Sonoma Valley can catch the Westbound Route 40 departing Sonoma Plaza at 6:15am, arriving at Petaluma Transit Mall at 7:00am for transfer to this trip.

In the afternoon, a new Route 44X trip has been added that begins service on Bodway Parkway at Sonoma Mountain Village at 3:45pm, arriving at Petaluma Transit Mall at 4:14pm.  This bus will continue as the eastbound Route 40 that departs at 4:25pm and arrives at Sonoma Plaza at 5:10pm.

Route 66 – New service will be introduced to Windsor Veterans Village.  All trips after 9:50am have been adjusted to accommodate this addition.

Note on Route 20 – A new schedule has been developed that will be implemented in March. The new schedule will improve schedule adherence as running times have been adjusted on all trips. The revised schedule is delayed due to a lack of drivers needed for its implementation.

The new schedules are available online at sctransit.com and will be available on board all Sonoma County Transit buses beginning December 8th.  If you have questions, or need trip planning assistance, please contact our information office at 800-345-7433 on Weekdays between 8am and 5pm.