SCT Services Connecting to SMART

Sonoma County Transit operates a series of routes that provide coordinated transfer trips from various parts of the county to SMART stations located at Airport Blvd, Rohnert Park, Cotati and Petaluma.  Referred to as the “50-series” routes, below is a description of each:

Route 52 icon Route 52 – West County Connector to Cotati Depot, Sonoma Mountain Village and Sonoma State University

Route 52 is designed to receive transfers in downtown Sebastopol from the eastbound Route 20 that serves passengers with trip origins in Monte Rio, Guerneville, Rio Nido, Forestville and Graton. Route 52 operates along the Highway 116 corridor between downtown Sebastopol and the Cotati Hub (downtown Cotati), serving East Cotati Avenue, the Cotati Depot (SMART station), Sonoma Mountain Village and Sonoma State University – the route’s eastern terminus. Bi-directional service to connect commuters from the Sebastopol end or the SSU/Rohnert Park end of the route are provided during morning and afternoon commute periods with connections to both northbound and southbound SMART trains at the Cotati Depot.

Route 53 icon Route 53 – East County Connector to Petaluma SMART/Transit Mall

Route 53 provides a morning commute trip that departs the Sonoma Plaza, then serves Temelec before travelling west to Petaluma via Adobe, Frates and Lakeville Roads to the Petaluma SMART depot at Washington and Lakeville Streets. The depot is adjacent to the Petaluma Transit Mall located on Copeland Street between “D” Street and Washington. The morning westbound trip meets the southbound SMART traindeparting at 7:55am.

During the afternoon commute period, two eastbound Route 53 trips will meet northbound SMART trains arriving at 4:30 and 6:00pm for a return trip to Sonoma. Passengers traveling beyond the Sonoma Plaza can transfer to the westbound Route 38 departing the Plaza at 7:05pm.

Route 54 icon Route 54 – South County Connector to Rohnert Park SMART, Petaluma SMART

Route 54 follows the Route 44/48 alignment as it begins its southbound trip at Coddingtown, serving Range Avenue, the County Center, Mendocino Avenue and Santa Rosa Avenue to Robert’s Lake Road in Rohnert Park. At Robert’s Lake and Golf Course Drive, the route proceeds east on Golf Course to Country Club Drive to Rohnert Park Expressway. From the Expressway, the route proceeds west to the SMART track crossing, the location of the Rohnert Park SMART station. The first segment of the route is designed to provide riders boarding south along Santa Rosa Avenue and the Golf Course/County Club Drive areas access to their nearest SMART station – Rohnert Park.

After the Rohnert Park station, Route 54 continues south to serve the Cotati Hub, Old Redwood Highway, Petaluma Hill Road, North Petaluma Blvd., East Washington Street and finally the Petaluma SMART station/Transit Mall. This, second segment of Route 54, is designed to provide a connection to SMART for passengers boarding south of Cotati.

Route 54 makes two trips during the morning commute period to connect with southbound SMART trains in Rohnert Park and in Petaluma. Two northbound trips will operate during the afternoon commute period receiving passengers from northbound trains at the Petaluma Station and at the Rohnert Park Station.

Route 55 icon Route 55 – Airport Business Park / Windsor Depot Shuttle

Route 55 is designed to provide passengers arriving at the Airport Blvd. SMART Station “last-mile” service between SMART and most work locations within the Airport Business Park, as well as, the Sonoma County Airport terminal.

In December, 2018,  Route 55’s schedule was expanded to offer more frequent service between the Airport Blvd. SMART station and the Sonoma County Airport. The route was also expanded to serve the Windsor Depot and provide new access to the Airport and the Airport Blvd. SMART station from the Windsor Town Green area.

When boarding from the Airport Blvd. SMART station, all Route 55 trips depart from the bus stop in front of SMART’s parking lot.  Route 55 operates on weekdays only.

Route 60 passengers traveling to the Airport, or the Airport Blvd. SMART station, should transfer to the Route 55 at the Windsor Depot.

Route 56 icon Route 56 – North County Connector to Airport SMART

Route 56 serves Depots and Park & Ride lots in Cloverdale, Healdsburg and Windsor and provides express bus service between these facilities and the nearest SMART Station – Airport Blvd.

During the morning commute period, a southbound trip (originating in Cloverdale) arrives at the Airport Blvd. SMART Station at 7:04am, prior to SMART’s 7:19am southbound train departure. During the afternoon commute period, a northbound trip departs the Airport Blvd. SMART Station at 5:45pm, following SMART’s scheduled arrival at 5:36pm.

For northbound SMART passengers looking for transportation to Windsor, Healdsburg and Cloverdale, a northbound Route 56 trip departs the Airport Blvd. SMART Station at 7:15am, following SMART’s scheduled arrival at 7:06am.  A return trip is provided in the afternoon with a southbound Route 56 trip arriving at the Airport Blvd. SMART Station at 5:34pm, prior to SMART’s southbound departure at 5:49pm.

Unlike the other 50 series routes, the Route 56 is subsidized by SMART and is provided in lieu of rail service until SMART service extends north.   In addition to its subsidy, SMART will cover the fares for Route 56 passengers who use the regional Clipper Card and continue to/from Route 56 and SMART. Passengers using Route 56, but not transferring to/from SMART, can either use their Sonoma County Transit pass or pay the appropriate cash fare.

Route 57 icon Route 57 – Kaiser, County Center, SRJC Shuttle from North Santa Rosa/Guerneville Road SMART

Route 57 provides “last-mile” connections from north Santa Rosa’s Guerneville Road SMART Station for commuters traveling to Kaiser Hospital (Bicentennial Way bus stop) or the County Center. During the morning commute period, two trips will be provided to meet northbound trains arriving at 7:29 and 7:59am. The second trip, meeting the 7:59am train arrival, also serves the Santa Rosa Junior College.

In the afternoon, two trips will meet southbound train departures at 5:26 and 5:56pm. The trip that meets the 5:26pm train will serve the SRJC, in addition to, the County Center and Kaiser.

Connections to Downtown Santa Rosa SMART station from Downtown Santa Rosa Transit Mall

For Route 20, 30, 44/48, 60 and 62 passengers arriving at the Downtown Santa Rosa Transit Mall and looking to continue their trip on SMART, Santa Rosa CityBus provides frequent connecting trips between the Transit Mall and the Downtown SMART Station via its routes 2/2B, 6, 9 and 12.

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