55Airport Business Park Shuttle

Last Updated: 3:44PM June 10, 2019

Sonoma County Transit’s Summer Youth Pass returns. For only $24, the Summer Youth Pass provides unlimited rides from June 1 through August 31 for passengers 18 and under. The Summer Youth Pass is available on the Hopthru app or can be ordered at sctransit.com.

Last Updated:

In addition to purchasing Sonoma County Transit’s 31-Day Pass, 20-Ride Fast Pass, the Summer Youth Pass and Sonoma County Paratransit tickets, now single ride tickets can be purchased and stored on your smartphone through the Hopthru app (available at the App Store or Google Play.)  By using the Hopthru app, you’ll no longer need to pay your single ride Sonoma County Transit or Paratransit fare with cash!   If you have questions about Hopthru or need trip planning assistance, call us at 800-345-7433

Last Updated: 1:30PM May 17, 2019

Route 55 now provides more frequent service between the Airport Blvd. SMART station and Sonoma County Airport. The route has been expanded to serve the Windsor Depot and provide new access to the Airport and the Airport Blvd. SMART station from the Windsor Town Green area.

When boarding from the Airport Blvd. SMART station, all Route 55 trips depart from the bus stop in front of the SMART parking lot.  Route 55 operates on weekdays only.

Route 60 passengers traveling to the Airport, or the Airport Blvd. SMART station, should transfer to the Route 55 at the Windsor Depot.