67Healdsburg Transit

Last Updated: 2:10PM July 5, 2018

The City of Healdsburg has approved funding to subsidize fares for all riders on Route 67, the “Healdsburg Shuttle,” for a two-year period beginning July 1, 2018. When riding the local route in Healdsburg, passengers will no longer need to worry about having the correct change, having a transit pass or paying a fare at all!   The new “Fare-Free” program is designed to make using local transit services easier and to encourage hop-on, hop-off, travel without the need to pay a fare.

Sonoma County Transit introduced a “Fare-Free” program on June 4 on the “Sebastopol Shuttle,” the local route in Sebastopol. The “Sebastopol Shuttle Fare-Free program is subsidized by the city of Sebastopol.